Focus on what matters

We make it our mission to provide your church with a software solution which allows you to focus on your mission.

About Us

We are a team of men and women who have extensive experience in the merchant solutions arena. We recognized a need amongst churches for a comprehensive, user-friendly, and affordable software solution. Our desire is to offer these solutions to provide administrative software support as well as member accessibility. We are proud to partner with those who share the vision we have to impart into others’ lives and ministries.

Member Management

With our donation software you’re able to oversee further aspects of member involvement. Details such as who’s volunteering, who’s donating, what donation dollars are going towards, are all key features with our leading solutions.


Since your time is so valuable managing all aspects inside of your organization, compiling donation data every week or month can be complicated. Our software provides simplified reporting tools so you’re able to make the decisions to move your mission forward.

Customer Service

Amongst all the amazing qualities our software provides we’re most proud of the relationships we’ve built with our church partners. We’re here to assure you’re a master of utilizing our software solution from the moment we begin working together.


With the ease of adding and updating all the events going on with your church, the process for members to volunteer has never been easier.


We’ve simplified the process of collecting and managing your donations. Our software allows members and guests to donate however, whenever and wherever they choose.


Does your organization put on events for members throughout the year? Our software simplifies the capabilities you have to manage every aspect from one centralized location.

Why work with us?

We make it easier for you to conduct the operations behind the scenes of your organization. This allows your church to focus on funding the important projects that complement the growth of your unique mission.

Our Solutions

We offer multiple ways to setup the software solutions to fit your unique needs. Regardless how you want to manage your donations, we have the option that will work to your benefit. Check out our Solutions Page for more information.

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